I almost killed someone walking their dog and I realized meditation works.

It was a Friday afternoon in college. I was on my way home jamming out in my new (used) convertible.

I whipped into a side street just as a guy and his dog were starting to cross. I slammed on the brakes. And he jumped backwards. We froze — staring at each other in mutual startle, confusion, and anger. He started mouthing and gesturing at me.

Autopilot took over — I gave it right back. Next thing I know I threw open my door and started out after him.

As he turned around I said “hey that was my bad”.

***hard stop***

He couldn’t believe his ears. Frankly I couldn’t believe mine. “I came in too fast. It was my bad. I’m sorry.” He said it was all good and we parted ways.

As I got in my car I thought what the fuck was that?!

Then I realized — that’s mindfulness. That’s meditation. It’s working on you even when you don’t know it.

Meditation isn’t like running where you see faster mile times or step on the scale and see you lost weight.

With meditation, progress is invisible. It’s not a 1-to-1 relationship. It’s nonlinear. Progress goes slowly, then all at once.

When you practice mindfulness you might be transformed and not even notice…

Until life happens — and you realize you’ve transformed for the better

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Jackson Kerchis

Jackson Kerchis

I’m an ex startup CEO and zen monk who created the first Happiness degree. I write and speak about happiness in work and life. 50K+ have read my essays